I’m Back

I have had many adventures, but right now I am reading my favorite people. I’ll post something new tomorrow. I swear, it will be worth the wait.


9 Responses

  1. Waiting patiently.

  2. Hi Pan! How was golf?

  3. Waiting impatiently.

  4. Shoot, truce beat me! Okay. . . Waiting undeterred, while shredding the rug. . . .ha!

  5. I haven’t been around much either. Take your time. Life awaits us.

  6. Sounds promising…

  7. Golf sucked. I needed Truce there to egg me on.

  8. *tapping foot, looking at watch* 😉

  9. Ms. Pande,

    Old blog friends are just like old regular friends. You always pick up right where you left off and never miss a beat.

    Dr. B

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