Admonished to Quit My Boring Job

I just opened my Gmail account (something I might do once in a blue moon). I only have it for this blog, as I have other accounts as myself, the real person behind Pandemonic.

Gmail is great, because it normally stops SPAM cold. I spend most of my day with my real email just deleting junk. Gmail was so good, that I had not received any letters from Nigerian businessmen begging for checks and, especially nice, no come-ons to make my penis bigger. Thank goodness for the latter, because I don’t have a penis and if I did, I would be trying to hide it, not make it bigger.

I was happy and spamless. Until today.

A glaring email that stuck out amid all of my WordPress notifications said “Quit Your Boring Job! Work for Google!”

I’d love to quit my boring job (actually, it’s not boring, anything but, but I’ve had a snoot full over the last ten years or so), but I don’t think that Google is going to save me.

If it were that easy, I would have sent them a resume years ago.


9 Responses

  1. I got that one too! Do you think Google knows we’re friends? Will they put our virtual cubicles side by side so we can gossip while we work? Will they let us take the occasional virtual lunch break together?

  2. The only job for Google I’d consider would be the person who creates the nice pictures around their logo for their homepage to celebrate special days.

    They need someone new, cos the recent Chinese Olympics ones sucked.

  3. I got that one three! They must know we hang out on the same blogs!

  4. Now that I know everyone got it except me, I’m sad that I didn’t get that email.

  5. Jackie, you have to hang out with the “in” group more often… 🙂 Wouldn’t it be great if Google could hire all of us? That picture of a virtual cubby next to Tiger, Truce and Corina (oh, and the Fisher Price doll) is rather inviting. What fun we’d have!

  6. I got that one too. I’ve been trying to figure out how to work for them ever since I found out that you can get 3 squares a day there free at one of their 19 high-rent cafes and be bussed to work for free in a wi-fi equipped bus. Somehow I don’t think the spam is the way.

  7. I get that one too. They also come from Craig’s List, Yahoo, and Monster.

  8. “…I found out that you can get 3 squares a day there free at one of their 19 high-rent cafes and be bussed to work for free in a wi-fi equipped bus.”

    If they do all this, how come anyone ever leaves the company?

    Are they culling them in a basement somewhere once they reach 35 and are no longer cool…??

  9. I don’t think anyone leaves their company, Truce. That’s the word on the street, anyway…

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