My Pledge is in the Mail

Mr. Random Name is hosting a  Scheharazade Pledge for cyber world’s famous David Rochester. So far, an unofficial poll of pledges finds that the people are embracing the David Rochester situation with open arms.

I’m a good guy, and I like to donate to just causes whenever possible. That is why, after cooking the books and going over my expenses, I have decided to jump on the Pledge bandwagon. David, my contribution is in today’s mail. To prove it, I have included photographic evidence.

I know that it’s Sunday, but you should be receiving this envelope by Wednesday at the latest. I have used a business envelop (being cheap) so Mr. R, please don’t think that this is junk mail and throw it away. As you can see, this is a tidy sum. I’m hoping that it will at least keep you in kitty litter for a couple of months. Or cat food. Or your favorite coffee. Or, God forbid, if someone should happen to catch your eye and you decide to take her to a movie (please choose the matinee so you have some money leftover for popcorn).

Now, on the off chance that Mr. Rochester really doesn’t want to accept my “pledge” because maybe he has a problem with actually being a charity, I will offer this alternative. Mr. R can edit my novel, at least offer $25 worth of editing. Is that fair? Otherwise, consider this a gift.

I am proud to be part of the Scheharazade Pledge. I only wish I could give you more.

12 Responses

  1. You’re next on my pledge drive list. I think this will soon be known as the Taking in Each Other’s Washing drive.

  2. Wow, thank you, Pan. I know my email address appears in my comments, and actually I would be interested in editing, especially since real estate is slow and I am desperate for something to take my mind off my impending doom. So — you know where to find me.

  3. Neat idea. Let’s see how it does. Thanks for directing my attention to this, Pan!

  4. Nice hand writing Pan 😉

    David – if I send you an Aussie dollar cheque made out to ‘David Rochester’, will you be able to cash it do you think? Minus the thieving bank charges, I mean. I just think it would be safer than sending actual dollars by post…

  5. Very cool idea! 🙂

  6. Truce — I don’t actually know, but I suppose you could try it, and if I can’t, I could return it to you. 🙂

    I agree that Pan’s writing is beautiful.

  7. My handwriting was 1000% better before succumbing to carpal tunnel syndrome. I can barely read it now, and I wrote it.

    David, do you edit chick-lit (kinda sorta – it’s not really chick lit, but there’s a chick in it… 🙂

  8. Pan — Yeah, I can edit anything; the rules of good storytelling cross genres, and I’m an omnivorous reader. Srsly, I’m here for ya. Better yet, I can surreptitiously print for free at my office if I go up there after 8 PM, and I can return edits and comments to you via high-res scanner as a pdf document.

  9. Ooooooooooo…. I’m keeping you in mind!

  10. I think the question is how to convince the bank that he is the check’s intended recipient.

  11. Great!. I’m going to bookmark this for later!

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