San Francisco Heat Wave

Just a footnote to any of you who gives a damn: the hottest month of the year in San Francisco is not June, July or August. The hottest month is October.

Yes, while I was picking greenish tomatoes with gloved hands and a scarf around my neck the other day in advance of the first hard frost, people in San Francisco were stripping down to their bare skin and camisoles and donning flip flops and Bermuda shorts.

It was 80 degrees here today.

Like my son, Mr. Demonic Jr., I rather like the temperate climate of San Francisco. In his case, he loves the fog, and he has taught me to appreciate the fog as well. My adoration of this place (besides the obvious, that it’s the coolest city in the world) is based largely on the micro-climate found here. Because of the combination of Pacific winds, the mountains, the Bay and God knows what else, it’s usually quite temperate. The average day time high temperature is about 63. The average low temperature is about 51.

Even the beach today was Baywatch-LA hot, instead of the usual windswept and chilly. I actually broke a sweat during my morning walk, and it wasn’t even 8:30.

I believe that the climate and the hilly conditions are two reasons why there are so many people here over the age of 100.

While the tourists are loving this heat wave, my son and I are sweltering. I brought mainly cotton sweaters, but in next to 80 degree temperatures, a person can still sweat in cotton. I could always strip down to my under-t-shirt, but with my jelly roll stomach, I don’t want to give the natives a stomach ache. I could maybe go shopping, but I don’t want to buy more stuff. I’m getting to the point now where I’d just as soon have less stuff.

Meanwhile, the forecast for tomorrow calls for more of the same.


8 Responses

  1. ah hell, just strip off – sod the natives, better to be comfortable!

  2. You really should get a minimal amount of clothes and leave them at your son’s for the next trip out, that way you wouldn’t have to worry about having nothing to wear up there. Even January can be “warm” (in the 70’s) in SF. Buy a couple of outfits and leave them at your son’s.

  3. Corina gives good advice, and Truce is right. Why care what people think? You won’t see most of them ever again.

  4. Ug, I think it’s still in the 90s here.

  5. I got to wear my sheepskin boots today to walk the baby — it’s not the first time, but I still revel in it. It’ll be 80 later, I’m sure.

    Strip off and leave off — you’re at least entitled to a drawer! or a plastic box under the bed! You go back and forth enough, you shouldn’t have to haul so much.

  6. Great idea! Except that his girlfriend has taken all of the available space in his room. It looks like a storage unit in there, instead of a bedroom!

  7. can you borrow something of hers???

  8. I was in Marin County yesterday myself. We were actually getting dehydrated and needing to drink extra water!

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