Update on the November Nutshell Vomit and Drama Episode

1. I haven’t yet received the medical bills. But Mr. Demonic will send them to the BF’s mom, as soon as…

2. My daughter writes her an apology letter. She’s still working on it.

3. The two are still together. They are only apart on Facebook.

4. My husband refers to him as “Doofus” very likely thinking of  “That ’70s Show” when Jackie’s father called Kelso the same. I sort of like that term of endearment.

5. BF is driving Ms. MiniD up to San Francisco on Saturday. This is because the cheapest airfare I could get back to this Frozen Tundra (and believe me, it IS NOW) was for her to leave from San Francisco instead of LA. Don’t ask me, I manipulated the dates on four different browsers before I was satisfied with a plane ticket that wasn’t going to cost us an arm and a leg. (She’s a darling girl, but hardly worth an arm and a leg.)

6. Ms. MiniD recently went through alcohol counseling at school. You may remember that I emailed the Dean. Well, she talked to the Dean and several counselors. They discussed how alcohol works in her system and the steps she should take to lessen the effects. She said they thought she had a high tolerance, and therefore didn’t feel buzzed until it was too late. (I don’t know about this, I’m just reporting what she told me. Sounds crazy.) Ms. MiniD wasn’t at all mad that I ratted her out. Using the safe drinking tips (!) given by the school, she was able to party last weekend at the beach and not throw up! I would say progress has been made, but that would be nuts.

7. Ms. MiniD arrives home Sunday morning. I put her on a red-eye, and she has to be able to catch the connecting flight in Minneapolis. Hopefully, she won’t sleep through the boarding call.

8. Ms. MiniD has prepared a menu of possible dinner items. This is all stuff I normally make, but back then in her high school hey-day, she thought my food was “weird” and so she never ate any of it. Oh, how a semester away changes a person…

9. I’m not looking forward to the partial filling of my empty nest. (The other one has a temporary JOB! Yes! and a wedding to attend to next month.)


6 Responses

  1. I’m glad she got some “safe drinking tips”, that can only help.

    I think the BF’s mother should be writing the apology. Talk about a doofus! Must run in the family.

  2. 1. good

    2. I’ll bet she is 😉

    3. I honestly don’t know how teenagers manage to keep track of their lives, its all so complicated

    4. “Doofus”. I had a boyfriend when I was 18 who used to call me Doofus.

    5. The more I think about it, the more I realise that I will never be able to afford to have children.

    6. hmmm, well, I guess they should know what they’rea talking about and clearly whatever it is they told her – plus the recent scare of the hospital trip – is working. Long may it continue.

    7. Young people sleep like the dead, don’t they?

    8. I’ll eat anything she doesn’t want – your descriptions of your cooking sound irresistible

    9. He’s getting married next month already?????

  3. LOL My entire family still refers to my ex as “Dingle Dorf”.

  4. Ha, Dingle Dorf!

    No, my son isn’t getting married! Heaven forbid, the child (I shouldn’t call him an adult yet, even though he is 21) doesn’t have a regular job yet (you can hardly call occasional gigs a regular job). I believe he is playing at a wedding in Sacramento.

  5. If human beings operated on any basis that came within 2% of rationality, nobody would have children, and we would have become extinct years ago. Even my daughter, wonderful as she is.

    There is some very frightening news about Random Granddaughter, but i will not reveal it for a week or so.

    Be scaerd. Be very scared. We are. (She is safe. The question is…are we? Are you?)

  6. I am totally scared of RG.

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