Notice: For Little Fluffy Cats Who Love to Nag

Due to a shortage of personnel (the Sick Man likely gone for good, my Number 2 in maternity leave, and my Number 3 on vacation), yesterday I worked 12 hours straight. I wasn’t totally alone, though. Ms. MiniD’s ex-BDJ (aka boy du jour) who used to work here, came back from college for Christmas break. He  was looking for something to do, hours, money, and lucky for me, he fell into my lap.

I didn’t realize that I would be here that long until about 12 noon, when I looked up and thought, “Oh, hell! I’m going to be here another seven and a half hours,” at which point I hastily left to make a pit stop at the Post Office and back home. I retrieved my laptop and brought it back to work with me.

This notice is for the Little Fluffy Cat who loves to nag: Last night, I pounded out a chapter and a half and 5,000 words while waiting for the phone to ring. (Obviously, it didn’t, or I wouldn’t have had the time to accomplish so much.)

The Cat is one of my biggest cheerleaders, and she also has a strong streak of momliness in her too. Lately, the momliness is more apparent than the cheerleader, but I don’t mind her continual chipping away at my bad habit of procrastination. This is because I know I’m being bad, and I need something nipping at my ankles, now more than ever.

Thank you Little Fluffy Cat. If you see me on Facebook, I know you’ll yell. Just remember, all work and no play makes the Pandemonic a sad literary figure.


7 Responses

  1. Good job! I seriously need to get busy with my last two Nanowrimo manuscripts to take advantage of the free copy from! I keep saying that. Maybe we should get LFC after me, too!

  2. Quality nagging is a greatly under-appreciated art. Go, LFC!

  3. Just keep me off of Facebook, OK?

  4. *bows*

    I am very very proud of all you guys working so hard on your stuff, especially this time of year. I wrote a measley 800 or so words today, so feel free to nip *my* ankles. 😉

    Corina, I can only nip so many ankles, but I think I can work you into the schedule, especially if there’s a deadline involved like there is with Pan and me. Pan’s got a whatsis she’s signed up for in Feb, and I have one in June, with a pre-thing contest deadline in March — EARLY March.

  5. Good job, Pan!

    LFC, I’m glad your nipper is busy. With work, I won’t be writing anything except quick blogs until mid-January. 😦

  6. And here I thought the Cat didn’t have teeth. 🙂

  7. *whistles and cheers*

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