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  1. Wow. There are times when I actually miss that part of life. I am originally from MN and now live in AZ where snow is well…non existant, at least in Phx. Great Picture!

  2. That’s exactly what things look like around here. We don’t live in the tundra. Please stop sharing.

  3. Yup! Looks like outside my window!

  4. That was the 10 a.m. picture. There was more after. The poor dog. The snow is deeper than she is and going potty is interesting in the drifts!

  5. Awaiting an “ice storm”. Never been in one. Have little to no idea what that will be like!

  6. Its 30 degrees here and sunny 🙂 But I miss snow – Australia only really has snow on the mountains in the far south during winter.

  7. Dang! I’ll quit complaining about out 28 degrees now.

  8. Ice storm = bad news. The only thing worse than a blizzard is an ice storm. I feel for you, Corina.

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