Chaotic Updates

1. The lady from the business card place finally emailed. She was called out of the country for a week, but has promised that my order is placed and will be forwarded posthaste to my son in San Francisco. She also implied there would be a little token enclosed for my tearing my hair out. I hope it’s a wig.

2. I finally hooked up with my attorney. He was in LA, then he was backed up with work when he arrived here on Monday. A vigorous volley of phone tag then ensued. Finally, I called his cell this morning, and he answered it! We had a nice chat, and he was quite helpful about my legal loose ends regarding the end of my book. As luck would have it, his firm has an entertainment lawyer. One of his clients is Elmore Leonard. He offered to read my chicky-book. I asked him “how much” and he said complimentary. I asked, are you sure? It’s a chick book, and he said yes.

3. Cosmetics. A boatload of them came in the mail today. Hallelujah. I hope I remember how to use them.

4. The ending. It’s drawing near. I think I’m a chapter and a half away. This means I should be typing those magic words “The End” by dusk on Sunday.

5. My cheerleaders have been busy cheering and urging (egging?) me on. I am grateful for it, because there were times I might have jumped under the covers and said “screw this noise” – actually, there were a couple of dozen times I’ve felt that way in the last 72 hours alone. So, keep nagging, cajoling, goading, pushing, harassing, bullying, coaxing, hounding, needling, badgering, bothering, spurring, hassling, heckling, riding, nudging, pleading, provoking and poking me along. (Can you tell my Thesaurus and I are close friends?) I need it.

Anyway, things are falling into place.

There is a God, and she is great… 🙂


9 Responses

  1. *coughs* and you’re taking time off to write blogs….why…? 😉 *flourishes pom-poms* GO PAN, GO! GO PAN, GO! *kicks Pan’s tiny backside briskly*

  2. Make sure you let us know what the cards look like. What day do you leave?

  3. Elmore Leonard is going to read your book, or the lawyer?

  4. Jackie took my question. 😦

  5. You might not like the card, LFC. Kelli and I had a discussion regarding the background, and she thought it was a good idea, seeing as my book is based in SF. So the background is on there. I’ll email you the pdf.

    No, Elmore is not reading my book! The lawyer is. I imagine Elmore (“Dutch,” as he is known to his friends) is much too busy to be bothered by me.

    PS. pssst… Little Cat… I blog during my work hours. It takes my mind off my troubles… 🙂

  6. Uh-huh, and you can’t write during your work hours? 😉

    Is the background on there with or without your picture? I never had any problem with the picture, just that it needed yours, too. 🙂

  7. No, I can’t possibly work on the novel during the other work hours. For one thing, I am on the phone almost constantly. I can’t even have music on when I work on the novel. With blogging or editorial articles (or reviews) it’s a different thing. I can actually write those while doing something else. I write those off the top of my head without much thinking. 🙂 I have to think backwards on the fiction, and it’s too hard to do with distractions.

  8. Wow that’s awesome. I hope you know that I expect an autograph on my first edition copy in the future! I’m so proud of you.

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