Writes, Rites and Re-Writes

I haven’t been here much, because as some know, I went to the writers’ conference in San Francisco, and that pumped me up but good. My head is full of ideas and strategies, and I’m as juiced up as Ms. MiniD on her ADD meds. When I’m not working the day job, I’m writing.

In fact, I’m writing so much, I’m beginning to neglect the house.  I used to clean our bathroom and the dog’s area every couple of weeks, but it’s now been three weeks and neither has been done. Gracie’s bed is starting to smell like dog, and although I took out the rugs and swept the bath, I haven’t done much else.

The other thing suffering is my exercise routine and my violin practice. The middle of me is getting back to post-holiday spread, so I suppose I’d better make time for that. As for violin, thankfully the teacher has given me a break and I’m doing easy pieces, plus scales.

Thank goodness it’s not nice out yet, or my yard would be knee length in grass.

Why exercise, clean or play the violin when you can write?

The blame goes to NaNoWriMo. Thanks to November writing month, I have established a routine, which is quite amazing when you consider what kind of world-class procrastinator I am. Without fail, I go home in the afternoon and pound out a couple thousand words on my new book. It’s a relief in a way, because this one is light and hopefully humorous, whereas the first one was dark. There’s a happy ending in the first one, but no hook up. There’s a happy ending in the second one, and a hook up.

I know I have to go back to the first one and rewrite, but I’m letting that one marinate for a while, at least another week or two. I have an online friend looking at it first, then I’ll go in, then send it on for the “real” editing. My first baby is going to have to undergo massive surgery, and I’m not quite up for the challenge yet. But, I know I will be, once I get the bones going on the second one.

So, if anyone wants to volunteer to come and clean my house, I’m game. I’m sorry I can’t pay with money, but I can always whip up a good meal.

8 Responses

  1. The book road is a long and winding one, huh Ms. Pande?

    Dr. B

  2. Sorry, I’m not exactly a big housecleaner even when I’m not writing. Hee. You’re welcome to come clean mine, though. Or anybody who cleans Pan’s is welcome to come clean mine.

  3. Dr. B, I never realized before that the writing part was the easy part.

    Kitty, perhaps we should have an auction for housecleaning services?

  4. We should do a book swap. I’ll read yours, you read mine. Anyone else have one to send around the circuit? I actually have three. First one is, I think, all done editing. The second one needs some work before the editing. The third one needs a couple more chapters to go…probably 5-8,000 words before it’s even finished.

    I am itching to start the next one, which is in my head at the moment but I want to get it on paper soon. Okay, maybe not on paper but on file?

  5. I’d love to swap, Corina. I’ve already read Dr. B’s.

  6. Sorry, not much of a housekeeper. Mines not dirty, but I wouldn’t suggest trying surgery in it either.

  7. Aha, I have an idea which may solve your cleaning problems (well, okay, its not my idea at all, but I like it a lot!)

    Go to:


    and click on ‘The Furry Cheque Book’
    (short 7 min film)


  8. Will do, Truce.

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