My In-House Nostradamus

This post was rather a downer. Sorry.

It could be because Mr. Demonic and I spent the time hashing out the current state of affairs. We don’t stay long on the Demonic household, because our state of affairs, while wobbly, is better than many others. What Mr. D is concerned about is the general state of affairs, in our rust-bucketed Tundra state and in the country and world.

I used to laugh at Mr. D’s predictions. Partly because some of the things he thinks about are really out there. But he’s been right more times than he’s been wrong, so now I am a convert. Besides, it’s nice to have an in-house Nostradamus as a barometer in these difficult times.

Lest you think I’m making stuff up (true, on occasion I make stuff up), I will list some of the things he got right:

1. The fall of the stock market. He’s known that for a couple of years. I didn’t believe him, but then again, I don’t study the market as much as he does. He believes in cyclical natures of economy.

2. The fall of the housing market. Not long after we purchased our house for a big vat of money, Mr. D told me that the market was dropping and that in a few years we would not be able to get one-half what we paid for it. True, we bought the thing right at the peak of the boom. Some of you might remember a post I made on another social networking site about two years ago.  He predicted then that after a time, our house would be worthless.

He’s not quite right, but we were just barely able to refinance it last month.

His next predictions? Here they are:

1. Our children will be saddled with incredible debt, resulting in their standard of living being less than what they’re used to.

2. The government will end up owning everything. (I can expand on that later, but I really don’t want to think about it.)

3. We’ll have to work until we die.

4. At some point there will be martial law. (I’m really hoping that one does NOT come true.)

5. Before martial law, there’ll be civil unrest. The truly disadvantaged are going to commit crimes to survive. There’s already some of that going on here.

Hmm… sometimes I wish he’d have visions of lollypops and rainbows. It would make sleeping at night a whole lot easier.


7 Responses

  1. Yeah I figure we’ll have to work till we die, and it will be for the government because they will indeed own everything.

    They will find me guilty of some political crime and sentence me to work in the prison system when the real truth is there is a shortage of Docs there and they drafted me on some false pretense.

    But I’ll get ’em. While I am there I will pen some sad Haggard-like tune about prison life and and the public will demand my pardon. Just before free speech is deleted as one of our rights, I’ll write a book called “Doctor Behind Bars’ but do it under a pen name. I will become rich and famous. The government will figure out who I am but be powerless to do anything about it, because it would cause too much trouble for them if they exposed me.

    In these hard times, we all have to hold to a dream.

    Dr. B

  2. Was this supposed to cheer us up from the other post?

  3. Dr. B., as humorous as your comment is, I’m afraid it has a ring of truth. I don’t fear being poor, as I started out that way. I don’t fear working til I die, because I’ve worked since I was 12. What I most fear is the loss of freedom that’s coming down the pike.

    The good thing about prison is that you get three squares a day and they give you access to a library and the computer.

    Sorry, KM. I know life’s a bummer. 😦

  4. Oh good grief, woman! Pack up your blues and come to Texas already.

    We have sunshine so there’s sure to be a rainbow soon, and I’ll buy you a lollypop.

  5. *helpfully* You can make your own rainbows, you know. It only takes a hose and a little sunshine. We have the biggest lollies, here, Pan, it’s a Texas State Law.

  6. I’ve heard so many good things about Texas, you guys should be shaking in your shoes. You never know what the cat might drag in.

  7. Hmm, maybe I should dust. 😉

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