I Saw a Chipmunk Today

The critter was drinking water out of my fish pond. The pond was heated all winter by a small floating thing. I think we have fish in there, but you never know. Something ate our fish two years ago. I doubt a chipmunk was the culprit.

You know what this means?

This means it’s warm enough for animals to come out of hibernation!

Maybe spring is almost ready to be sprung.

3 Responses

  1. Fish disappear out of ponds pretty regularly around here. Usually it’s water birds, but not always. Do chipmunks eat meat?

    It won’t be much longer Pan, but you really should winter in my neck of the woods next year.

  2. I sure wish I could. Hey! Is that an invite?

  3. Any time, just give me enough of a heads up to change the sheets and dust the guest room.

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