More Weekend Screaming “&%#*&!”

Now that the squirrel has vacated, it’s time for the weekend.

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s nice out today. Sunny, bright, warm. All the climatic occurrences that I love best.

We went outside and straightened out the yard and the window awnings that were blown down from the last windstorm. Some little green things are poking themselves out of the ground.

Then Mr. D went back to tackle Ms. MiniD’s room.

As you might recall, we had a little bit of trouble getting the crown moulding up. One wall went up fine, but the other fell down, making a mess everywhere. Mr. D went to Home Depot and procured more wood.

This morning, I helped him put up the other two walls. There was much screaming, since I was on the step ladder, and while Mr. D is very tall, he wasn’t tall enough. Then he found out his nails weren’t long enough. Well, I pointed out that his nails weren’t long enough, so he left in a huff while I was still holding a piece of wood to the ceiling.

The dog and cat were scared to death. I’m still not sure where either are at the moment.

Several expletives and general yelling then ensued. This is how the conversation went:

Mr. D: %$#! *&^*&! !@&&*^!

Me: What? What?

Mr. D: *&^%!

Me: I’m holding it up like you said!

Mr. D: *&^&! **^%$!

Me: Your nails are too little. You need longer nails. Get sharper ones, too.

Mr. D: This looks like shit. *%^#!

Me: It looks good. If you can’t see the flaw from arm’s length, no one will notice!

Mr. D decided that opening our 7 day a week business this morning was better than continuing the urban renewal.

He just emailed me to say he was going to Home Depot again. Did I want anything?


4 Responses

  1. Tell him to bring you a tent, then tell him it’s his new room if he doesn’t chill. 😉

  2. LOL…

  3. My goodness. Sounds like the week I had in the windy City. Now that I’m back in Charm City, it’s “you just like things differently than I do is all” as an explanation.

  4. Pande, don’t you know? Size doesn’t matter! (At least that’s what we tell them to make them feel better!)

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