Lost in Translation and a Few Other Places Chapter 1

When I last left WordPress, I was suffering from a terrible neck pain. My subsequent visit to the doctor pumped me full of muscle relaxers and pain medication. This did NOT work, much to my dismay. My appointment with the physical therapist isn’t until next week.

I spent a week in torture, and then more torture occurred. I was felled by a cold, a really bad one. My #2 contracted one from her boyfriend, and seeing that she was sniffling and sneezing for three weeks straight, there was no way to avoid her germs. There’s nothing worse than having a head full of boogers whilst one cannot turn said head to the right.

As a result of my assembled maladies, I became lazy beyond belief.  No, really, I am not exaggerating. I haven’t looked at my now-completed novel in a month. Instead of writing, I played on Twitter and Facebook. I think I am even “getting” Twitter now.  However, it wasn’t really playing… I logged on in bed and then promptly fell asleep. That’s what a combination of Nyquil and Flexoril will do for you.

All of this uncomfortableness caused me to seek another trip to the doctor this week. She sent me for X-rays, and a couple of days later I learned that I have developed minor arthritis in my vertebrae not far from where my neck is located.

I knew I was getting old, but to be slapped in the face with arthritis is the wakeup call. I restarted my stalled exercise of Malibu Pilates, purchased a huge bottle of glucosamine chondroitin from Sam’s Club and started taking the dog for afternoon strolls.

I thought long and hard about dying, which is something I do on a regular basis anyway. When you’re over the hill and coasting downward, you want to get in everything before the final farewell.

So, I am now reformed and on my way to productivity and creativity.

In the meantime, there has been a little drama going on with the Drunk Manager, which I will get to as soon as I send a care package off to Ms. MiniD. All it takes is one email titled “Moooommmmmyyyyyy!!!” and I’m there.

7 Responses

  1. ow. sounds awful. I’ve just had a second physio session plus acupuncture for good measure and my neck feels better, though still not 100%.

    What’s your twitter feed? Mine’s Norwichrocks… I’ll look you up 🙂

  2. Poor thing, sounds like she should be sending you a care package!

  3. I added you, Truce, but am unable to send you a message regarding how to add me.

  4. Getting old sucks but we have to make the most of it. If you do what the Physical Therapist tells you to do, it’ll help but it probably won’t be the way it was before.

    I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis since I was a child. It’s not fun. Add injuries and age to it and it’s more than sad.

    I hope you feel better and that you get that care package off to Ms. Mini D! Whether they admit it or not, they still need us.

  5. I am not sure which is worse. Getting old or thinking about I am getting old.

  6. Hey Ms Pande,

    Haven’t talked to you in a while. Come visit at the wordpress home base, but also on my new Facebook page too. It has gone crazy!

    Dr. B

  7. Dr. B, send me a link!

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