Slash and Burn

Okay, I’ve spent the last three days mulling over the first three chapters of my epic women’s book.

It has to be pared down from 175K words to somewhere around 100K.

The easy part was getting rid of the adverbs. LY words are appearing everywhere I look. They are the obvious sore thumbs.

Chapter 3 bit the dust completely. No one understand dream sequences anyway, and I can reinsert some of them at the appropriate times later on.

At the time I started writing, which was two years and two months ago, I had only a vague idea as to what my message was going to be. I was also into flowery prose and 300 word sentences. (Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but thanks to my friends like LFC, I have learned the finer points of using my words wisely.

I can see my confusion from back then glowing in the dark. This made it somewhat easy to chop, slash and burn away.

Even so, I’ve only reduced the word count by 5K. Of course, I still have 32 more chapters to go, and if I continue on the same path, that means I will have weeded out 40K words. (I’m hoping more than that, but who knows?)

On the flip side, I’ve been neglecting WordPress and it shows. My stats stink. But, consider this, I am on a mission (from God?) and I want to have my rewrite complete to ship off to Rochester by the end of May. I’m sure he is looking forward to the income, and perhaps the entertainment.


7 Responses

  1. *claps and whistles* That’s a great start! Here’s some other words you might want to do fast searches on:

    “But” and “And”, specifically, capped

    “then”, “and then”

    stuff like “moaned”, “whispered”, “pondered”, “notice”, “noticed”

    –none of which is particular to you, just trying to give you an idea of the sort of thing that can happen without a writer, er, noticing. . . 😉

    You *will* get there. And Mr. R has a wonderful eye. 🙂

  2. Congrats on starting the editing process!

    Also if you can sit with it and do a read through at one sitting, it would help you to see where you’ve repeated yourself and you can ask yourself if you really need that particular repetition.

    Sometimes when we write something over a long period of time, we sort of forget that we already said something in almost exactly the same way. I’m guilty of that, no doubt!

  3. Seems like a great start to me. The other’s have the best advice, so I will send prayers. 😉

  4. Ms. Pande,

    We are on the same schedule. My agent always said every farmer knows the hard part is when it is time to chop the cotton. You’ll get there.

    Dr. B

  5. You go girl! Or you go mature woman! Or you go whatever you want to be called.

  6. Be ruthless. get rid of all those ruths.

  7. Should be fun! And in answer to a query on my blog — no, I can’t imagine you’ll be bad enough to warrant “OMG!” excerpt posts. You have to confuse Handy and Gandhi first.

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