SAD No More, But Still a Procrastinator

Many of you have considered me missing in action. I admit, I have been.

If you think that the past few weeks were full of progress and hard work, you’d be dead wrong.

My name is Pandemonic, and I am a slacker. Show me a 12-step program, please.

At least I had a good time! (I believe this was the argument I gave myself in my 20s when I was enjoying the late 1970s by partying a bit hard.)

The most wondrous thing that happened was when the sun came up about two weeks ago and with the exception of a few rainy days, has been glorious out ever since.

Hip, hip, hooray! My SAD has disappeared!

Of course, with the advent of pleasant weather and sunshine, comes the overdoing. It’s been a long, tough winter here in the Tundra, folks. On the first day over 40 degrees, the local restaurants were carving out space on the sidewalks and getting the market umbrellas out of storage. Such actions proved premature, especially since the temps dipped back into the low 30s that night.

Still, the People of the Tundra embrace spring and summer. We’re glad for whatever sunshine comes our way. I’ve been out in the yard trying to figure out the extension of my Asian garden, pulling weeds, wrestling with grapevines, raking, you get the picture.

On rainy days, when I’ve not been glued to the Scramble board on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter, I’ve been busy making jewelry. In fact, I’ll probably catalog and Etsy my creations, because 1. I don’t have that many friends where I need this stuff to gift as presents and 2. I enjoy making it, so I am probably not going to stop in the near future. Being an artsy-craftsy type person is part of my being. Working with my hands is relaxing.

All of this outside-inside activity speaks for one thing: I am still a world-class procrastinator when it comes to my editing and writing.

But, there is some book/writing news. After eliminating all of the -LY adverbs from my book — which took much longer than I had anticipated —  and taking out a chapter and a half, I’m still left with over 167K words. I tried to refashion the first few chapters, but gave up. Slashing is not the answer here. A major transplant is in order.

I have begun to rewrite the entire first third of the book.

This is starting from scratch. My finished novel is dark and sad. It’s hard to write dark, sad, depressing stories when one is reveling in the splendor of Spring. I have to get in the proper mood, so to find my way there, I wrote a short story of dark and depressing circumstances.

This helped, but that damned sunlight beckoned.

In the meantime, I had a dream about a third book. Uh, oh, you might be thinking. Can’t she finish one project before starting another?

Well, I finished the first epic tome, so YES, I can. However, it took a lot of berating from my writing friend cheerleaders, a commitment to NaNoWriMo, and self-inflicted flogging to get to those magic words “The End.”

However, after my third novel dream, I began to worry. I do want to finish all of these projects. And I’m no spring chicken, much as spring is my season.

I’m going to have to get off my lazy butt and start working.

So if you see even less of me here, that’s the reason why.


8 Responses

  1. Ms. Pande,

    You ain’t a slacker, just a busy lady.

    Dr. B

  2. Lady Pande removed aggressively removed adverbs.

  3. *coughs* “self-inflicted” flogging? 😉

  4. as long as you’re writing somewhere, that’s the main thing!

  5. I say enjoy the weather and the sun! Before you know it, it’ll be cold and dreary again and you can better get into your dark mood!

    See, I’m not much help, am I?

  6. OK. So the cat did most of the flogging. But believe me, I did some too. 🙂

    Yesterday I found the most unusual plants at the nursery, so of course I had to buy them, because there were only three left and another woman was circling them like she was a buzzard. Oh, and I filled the back end of the Prius up with pea gravel. Do you know how many bags of pea gravel you can get back there? TWENTY, but I only got ten. I wasn’t sure the car would roll away with ten.

  7. LOL, do what you need to, Pan. I’m not going anywhere, and will be ready to read when you’re ready to be here again.

  8. Embrace the sun while it’s there is my statement. It’s been about 6 straight days of rain here and I’m already tired of it, and we need it! The flower mart was ruined, so I’m all for spending time procrastinating.

    Perhaps it’s because I’m doing the same thing.

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