A Guilty Pleasure

Hello, all, I have been away.

Not that anyone cares…

Life is full of things to do, especially this time of year. My husband got the bright idea to pressure the home office into putting up a web site for us, since because of the name we cannot do it ourselves. Actually, he’s been nagging them for about five years. This week, it finally became operational.

It’s still in its infancy, which means I have to do a lot of back and forth work. My husband has been driving all over the state and is unable to work on the bugs, but he’s not too adept at bugging, so it’s a good thing he’s out of the office.

It’s hot here, summer came up and over us in about two days time. Really, it’s not too hot,  but the humidity is horrible. Going from the house to the car to the office is excruciating. I don’t know what people did before air conditioning.

This morning I woke up at 6 and started mowing the front lawn. (Don’t worry, I have an electric lawnmower that makes less noise than my vacuum.) Even though it was very early and not yet hot, by the time I finished 45 minutes later, I was dripping in sweat.

I received a huge bead shipment and it has taken me a few weeks to sort through it. In fact, I’m still not finished, but I have all winter for that.

My one guilty pleasure came when I went to my favorite discount store, Nordstrom Rack. Nordstrom the real store is nice, but very pricey. I feel like I’m hitting the lottery when I shop at the Rack. Last week, I had a coupon. I didn’t need anything in particular, but I’m getting to the age where I don’t need much these days.

I happened upon a pair of marked down shoes. These weren’t just regular marked down shoes, these were Ferragamo slides. Originally sold for $500, now less than a hundred and with a $20 coupon, I couldn’t let them go to someone else’s feet.

Before I continue, people who don’t know me must realize that I have a thing for shoes. I sometimes buy shoes just because they are architecturally superior and sometimes because they are works of art. I also collect vintage shoes, especially those produced during the disco era. The clothes sucked then, but the shoes were to die for.

I would never pay $500 for a pair of shoes, but I can see why people do. The Ferragamos are the most comfortable, softest sandals I’ve ever worn. The leather is soft like cool butter, and even though there is a bit of a heel involved, it’s not hard to stay atop them. Shoes that are poorly envisioned are easy to teeter off of.

If you must know, I’m not wearing them yet. It’s because it’s too darn hot and I don’t want my sweat to ruin them. I’ll wait for a cold spell before I take those puppies out for a stroll.

7 Responses

  1. When I bought my last pair of “dress shoes,” I bought Mephisto shoes from Nordstrom. Apparently I sold my soul to the devil in the process as these are the finest shoes I ever purchased. I expect them to last the rest of my life, and if I am on top of things enough toward the end these are the boots I wil die with on.

  2. A pic of the new shoes?

    I bought some new converse plimsolls a couple of weeks ago. They are ideal for me, comfy and casual without being too ‘sports-shoe’ like for the office.

    And without a heel – I’m six foot in heels, so that’s generally a no-no.

  3. I bought Nike MaryJanes today. I guess it was a Shoe Buying kind of day. It’s the most I’ve ever paid for shoes ($63 inc. tax). I’m very reluctant to wear them because as long as I don’t, I can still take them back!

  4. You know Pande, we all have to have a thing, and it is O.K. Mine is mandolins. I used to trade around a lot. I’d tell my wife it was better for a man to lust after mandolins than women and she agreed.

    Later she bought me my Gibson mandolin and I settled down. I purchased one after that, but I still like my old one the best. But when I was young, I went through a bunch of mandolins.

    A thing for shoes is pretty benign, so enjoy.

    Dr. B

  5. Shoes are an inexpensive hobby, especially if you buy them on eBay. Dr. B, my son’s roommate has a thing for guitars. That’s an expensive collection. He doesn’t have many of them now. After the divorce, he had to sell them to pay child support, but he still has photographs of all of them. Impressive. Musical instruments can be pricey, but the good ones (like good shoes) last forever.

  6. Love a good shoe, but am so hard on the ones I work in that I keep them under $40.

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