A Couple of Things I Noticed

It is so hot in So Cal.

My online friend who I had dinner with last night, lost real life weight.

I write more when I’m out of town. I actually wrote an article and pumped out six pages of novel in less than two days. I wonder how I can transfer that energy for when I return to my boring, humdrum existence in the Tundra.

My daughter is a slob. Her car is a mess. She’s not much of a mechanic either. Oh, and let’s not forget the forgotten traffic tickets.

Futons are for children, not grown adults with bad backs like me.

It’s really far from La Jolla to where I’m staying. I think it was farther because it was 10 p.m.

There’s real life traffic here, not like where I’m from. The failing economy has eliminated our rush hours.

I had the best crab on the planet last night. It came from the Bering Sea.  I should feel guilty because I’m not eating local crab but I don’t.

If you noticed anything I missed, please let me know.

4 Responses

  1. How long will you be in southern California? I’ll be there next week. If the fires cooperate, that is.

    Yeah, I hate the traffic there. As soon as I get to the top of the Grapevine my blood sugar rises, my heart palpitates and I want to turn around and head north!

  2. We had a heat wave in Puget Sound. My wife, who grew up in the San Fernando Valley, bitched and moaned about the heat, though it was a fraction of what she grew up in.

    I’ve lost 40 pounds over the last 4 years. Now, having lost my unneccessary pading, I bitch and moan when a breeze floats in.

    Although we have been married for 43 years, my wife and I are 80% incompatible, and we are not getting more synchronized. Nevertheless, we stick to our motto: We’re both too weird for anybody else to put up with, so we might as well stay together.

  3. The weather finally broke here! I felt the fist nip of fall in the air, this morning.

  4. We’re welcoming in the Spring here in Australia. It was 25 degrees C over the weekend here in Sydney and the bushfires have started already.

    Still, its my favourite time of year now: warm without being too hot and zero humidity.

    I hate cars which are like the inside of skips.

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