Ms. MiniDemonic Smitten By Southern California, Not So For Mama

A Brief Update

It didn’t take long for Ms. MiniDemonic to become smitten with southern California, or SoCal as the trendy say. It could have been the minute we walked off the plane in LA and stepped out into a clear and flawlessly warm night. or it could have been when we got out of the car the following day at The College of Her Choice and instantly got a snootful of jasmine and verbena and a full view of the Pacific Ocean.

In the ensuing days, full of sunshine and blue sky, sand, palm trees and somewhat conspicuous consumption, Ms. Mini D has proclaimed her fascination with the far westerly state has moved from puppy love to full-blown obsession.

I like it here too, but I prefer the city by the bay, San Francisco. For one thing, it’s not as hot there. I like sun, but heat is another thing altogether. I love how downtown San Francisco smells like flowers, but the aroma is a hint of fragrance, not an assault on the nasal cavities. O’Reilly was right. San Francisco, with it’s diverse cultures and people, is more like another country rather than another city in the same state. The worst thing: it appears to be more crowded down here. The appearance could be because it IS indeed more crowded down here, or it could be becauce the freeway system is massive and never ending. The nice thing about San Francisco is that all of the action and most of the people are kept together  in a small space for the sheer lack of anywhere to go. If you jam almost a million people on a peninsula that is about seven miles square, there can be no massive freeway system.

It doesn’t matter to Ms. Mini D. Just as I and her older brother feel an affinity for the City, I can see that her true love is SoCal. I’ve enjoyed watching her as she falls deeper and deeper under the spell. It’s an emotion that’s happened to me. The enchantment she feels, while not tempered with any amount of common sense, is a good thing. It just might be her first real love.

Of course, now it’s time to bring out the common sense from the bag of tricks, or else that tall, thin guy back at home is going to think we are both crazy. An eighteen-year-old basing a life-long move on true love with a geographical location is not going to win over Mr. Demonic. She will have to arm herself with budgets and sensible arguments if she’s going to win this debate and begin her move in August.

We are working on that.

More California Dreamin’… and Other Stuff

Last night, we went to the symphony, which means dinner was at the concert hall. There’s a little place there called the Paradise Cafe. It refers to a previous incarnation of our local concert hall – another story, too long to go into here. The restaurant doesn’t have a kitchen. Food is trucked in from somewhere else (catered by a big-wig catering group in the city) and warmed for diners. This might sound awkward and awful, but really it’s not bad. They bring in a prime rib which is usually delicious, green beans, potatoes, salmon and chicken, and pasta. It’s a regular smorgasbord of delights. It’s also a lot of heavy food I don’t normally eat.

Last night, I had weird dreams. I have to relate that to my meal which was only a few hours before falling asleep.

I dreamed I was in southern California, driving my daughter around.

In two weeks, we will be in southern California, and I’ll be driving my daughter around to the various colleges she’s interested in. Outside of the metropolitan San Diego area, I’ve never been to most parts of southern California, and certainly not to the places we will be visiting, which include LA, Malibu and Santa Barbara.

This is not the first dream I’ve had where I’ve dreamt of where I’m going. I once dreamed of the inside of a friend’s house, and when I finally went inside, it was exactly as I had envisioned in my dream. I’ve seen the rolling hills of Kentucky before I actually rolled through. I’ve been on certain sandy beaches before arriving there.

My point is this: I think sometimes dreams are the movies of your subconscious, but I also think our minds and souls can go to places when our bodies are asleep. (Ooo-iee… Yes, I believe in astral projection.) This can also happen when under anesthesia. I saw myself lying in the recovery room after having a C-section for my son. As crazy as it sounds, I was on the ceiling looking down, and snapped back into my body when my back hit the wall. I vividly remember the conversation the nurses were having before I woke up.

My dream last night was very calming. It was a warm, sunny day, and we had just left a school that wasn’t far from the beach. The roads were twisting around the hills. My daughter wanted to go to the beach, so I parked the rental car. It was a non-descript foreign model that was gray. When coming back from the beach, I couldn’t locate the car. Everyone was driving a small foreign car, and there’s not much difference between a KIA and a Hyundai if you’re used to a Toyota. So we walked up a hill, where the area was getting more residential. I said, “We’ve gone too far.” So we walked back down, and eventually found the car, located near a coffee shop. I should have made that mental reference before I exited the car. All was well, so I woke up.

Hmm… I wonder what this means?

Weather Report

It’s snowing again. Big, wet, soggy flakes.

Because it’s snowing again, the sky is very gray.

Tomorrow the temperature will nosedive into the 0 degrees, with windchills in the sub-zero degrees. Oh, friggin’ happy day.

Just one week ago, I was in Napa Valley. *Sigh*

I think I’d better take an extra dose of happy pills today.

California Dreaming

It’s 8 degrees today, and I’m not going to complain about the cold. Take my word for it, it is.

Today I’m going to dream about California.

I’m going to dream about the wonderful food. All of the unique dishes and the fresh fruits and vegetables. I’m going to remember the velvety smoothness of the wines, with their hint of blackberry, raspberry, earth and tannin. I’m going to recall the “kid in a candy store” feeling of being overwhelmed by so many lovely choices.

I’m going to dream about long walks on the beach. I never care if it’s foggy or raining. I encourage the wind to greet me with its salty blast. I’m going to imagine the shells and sand dollars I’ll find to join the ones I have on my kitchen counter.

I’m going to dream about leaving the window open when I go to sleep at night. It will be many, many nights before I’ll feel comfortable enough to open the window here. Sure, I’ll hear the garbage collector when he comes by at 4 a.m., but I’ll also be able to feel mist.

I’m going to dream about the mariner-style houses, and the Spanish influenced architecture, the neat and tidy little yards, the unusual trees trimmed like popcorn balls. I’m going to think about the fact that there’s no grass, instead, there are stands of bamboo, enormous jade plants, rosemary and calla lilies.

I’m going to remember the majesty of the Golden Gate Bridge. I’m going to think about the stands of eucalyptus trees, and the giant redwoods at Muir Woods. I love the rolling brown hills that remind me of the commercials on “happy cows” and the cliffs along Highway 1.

Next week, I’m going to go there. It won’t be a dream then.