Not Exactly Luminescent Today

It’s raining. Gloomy. Cold. Wet. Gray. It’s close to freezing, so if the weather goes south, we could be in big trouble.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least that people who live in northern climates often look pale and pasty. If the sky offers pale and pasty, that’s what will happen to the inhabitants. We used to do science projects like that in elementary school. A bean seed with lots of sun will grow bigger and stronger than a bean seed grown in a closet.

I’m a sun person. Just like a cat. Today there is no sun, so I’m finding my warmth by space heater and blanket. That’s rather sad.

Sorry, folks. I’m not exactly luminescent today.

Some Non-Descript Updates

1. It’s really cold. No, I mean, really cold. Think of your freezer. It’s colder than that outside.

2. I’ve decided to name our Kittycat “Max.” Now that we know she is a he, we are all looking at her/him differently. Max fits his general temperament. He’s nuts. He’s smart. He’s a little lion in a kitty tuxedo.

3.  I’ve decided that black and white movies from the 40s are the best. I’m sort of watching one now. I say, sort of, because I’m not paying attention to most of it, and only glancing up when something happens. It’s Gaslight, with Ingrid Bergman. Ingrid is just ready to be “gaslighted” any time now. I might have to break away for that.

4.  I’ve been on a sort of a diet and exercise program for a few weeks. It’s not really a diet, per se. I am eating cereal when I feel hungry. Or fruit. I’ve cut back red meat to one day a week. Of course, only one cup of coffee per day. Since the temperature (see #1) is so cold, I’m doing lots of green tea. I’ve found I haven’t really missed the bad food. I haven’t lost any weight (from the exercise, which has been just walking or elliptical machine) but I haven’t gained any, so that’s a plus.

5. Spring can come any day now. I have plans to expand a piece of my yard into an Asian garden. I’m thinking of all the rocks I’ll have to move and all the sod I’ll have to dig up. I’m thinking that it will take me about two months of heavy weekend work to complete. The sooner the better. My daughter graduates from high school in  May and that doesn’t leave me a lot of time once the snow melts.

6. I still suck at the violin. I’d better go and practice now.

Weather Report

It’s snowing again. Big, wet, soggy flakes.

Because it’s snowing again, the sky is very gray.

Tomorrow the temperature will nosedive into the 0 degrees, with windchills in the sub-zero degrees. Oh, friggin’ happy day.

Just one week ago, I was in Napa Valley. *Sigh*

I think I’d better take an extra dose of happy pills today.

A Short Post on Really Cold Weather

I’m sitting in my office trying to warm up sufficiently to work on the computer. Yes, it’s Sunday, but I have a lot of projects going on, and this is the only day I have to do my pet project, which is working on year books.

It’s a whole 9 degrees outside. It’s not much warmer inside. Mr. Demonic is, hmm… let’s call him “thrifty”, so we are encouraged to turn the heat off when we leave the building. The building is made of cement block. It takes about an hour to remove the chill sufficiently enough to feel a small level of comfort. In addition, I have a small space heater under my desk. This is because my feet are usually cold. The space heater is cranking, but my feet are still cold.

I’ve been sitting here attempting to type on a keyboard with ice cold letters. My mouse is like a frozen block of ice. A short visit to the restroom reveals that the toilet seat is uncomfortably cold. My theory is plain. Nine whole degrees is extremely difficult to chase off, even with the furnace blasting.

The only TV I watch is a short visit to the Weather Channel to find out the current temperature. Once informed, I donned flannel lined khakis, wool socks, and sweatshirt over regular shirt. Then I went outside and fired up my small car, which would take about thirty minutes of  highway driving to warm up. My office is five minutes away, so it definitely didn’t warm up.

I used to live in a contiguous United state where it’s so cold, it usually leads the nation for coldest temperature. The people there are entirely crazy. My friends and relatives there relished cold weather. They would pop out of their frozen houses and beat their chests with both fists. “Ha, ha! I laugh at cold weather! Let’s go ice fishing! Let’s go snowmobiling! Let’s go up north!” “Up north” meaning the place two hundred miles towards Canada where it is really really cold.

I was enticed to move where I live now because during the time I was dating Mr. Demonic, this state had a rash of warm winters, where all it did was rain. After we tied the knot, we’ve had a rash of winters where all it does is mimic the state from which I escaped.

It took me about forty years, but I finally decided that I am not comfortable with cold or snow. Yes, I’m not too bright. Now I live in exile, hoping for a day when I can go to my true home, the one where a beach that isn’t encased in ice is included.

My fingers are frostbitten now, so I must end this post. Perhaps tomorrow will be a warmer day.