The New Dramatics

There’s been a lot of drama in the Demonic household this week.

For one thing, that damned bathroom isn’t finished yet. I last heard from the contractor a week ago Monday. We don’t want my lovely teenage daughter taking long, steamy showers in a room that only has green board up. I’ve been maintaining a nice, laid-back attitude, mostly because I’m at his mercy. I just want him to finish the job. For a room that is only 8′ x 8′, this is taking a long, long time. Meanwhile, my husband is simmering in his office, coming up to a nice boil. I’m sure he’ll explode any day now. They’ve had most of our money since September, and he doesn’t like that, especially this time of the year when business is way down and so is the cash flow.

Ms. Teenage Demonic is now doing mid-terms, and doing quite horribly. So far, she’s failed one test and only gotten a C+ in another (Marriage and Parenting-she should have aced that one). She’s only been accepted to one in-state college, and is entirely too bitchy as a result. Her boyfriend is pressuring her to accept at an in-state college. For some reason, she has broken out with a bad case of acne. If I try to start a conversation, it ends up in hysterics and tears on her part.

It snowed, AGAIN. This time, none of the local weathermen predicted the almost four inches of precipitation, so we woke up to a big surprise. (I’m so glad I gave up the news. I’m about as accurate as they are, and I don’t even have a degree.) Mr. Demonic came in from shoveling complaining that he hated snow. I not-so-gently reminded him that he’s the only one in the Demonic family that wants to live in this God-forsaken state. That shut him up for a bit.

My yearly physical exam was yesterday. I was informed I needed a mammogram and a colonoscopy. (Oh, boy! Let’s party!) They gave me a tetanus shot, which still hurts like a bitch today, and took my blood for my cholesterol check. The nurse couldn’t get enough blood out of one arm, so she moved to the other. Since I had been fasting since the night before, I almost passed out when she finally finished her vampirish work.

Once arriving home, I noticed the heat wasn’t working. At all. It probably had not been working for a long while, since the temperature on the main floor was 50 degrees. This necessitated an emergency visit from our local heating and cooling representative, who told me the filter was hopelessly dirty and needed to be replaced. The bill was in the $200s. Just throw some stars on the icing of this cake.

And then my darling Son Demonic emailed me his semester grades. Five As and 3 Bs. One B was in his instrument. I hope they don’t take his scholarship away. We really need that money to send him to that pricey school he attends.

Hmmm… I’m just reading this over.  It doesn’t sound that bad. Maybe I should make myself a hot toddy and get over it.