My Daughter is a Slob

After the tears of yesterday, regarding her rejection from a college which she didn’t really want to attend (!), my daughter must have taken an extra Adderall and came home last night on a tear to do Christmas decorating.

I’ve already decorated, with two trees and my wreath on the door, but it’s been many years since I dragged out all of my Christmas accoutrements. I don’t have time, and with only one child at home who is practically an adult, it’s just not as much fun as it used to be.

She was buzzing around the house wanting to know where the hammer was, and why was the garland so long? (It’s that long because we had a much bigger staircase at the other house.) I reminded her to clean up after herself. Her boyfriend was here too, and I was hoping that some of his common sense would rub off on her.

It didn’t.

This afternoon, I had to go up into the attic to put away some Christmas wrapping paper, and found that everything that was once neatly put into bins is now all over the attic floor.

I’ll probably yell when she gets home. I just don’t get it; I’m not a slob, and her father is pretty anal about keeping the house neat. Our house doesn’t look like one from out of the pages of Town and Country, but I like to keep the common areas reasonably tidy. I don’t know where the messy gene came from, but she’s definitely got a serious dose of it.

I’ve been nagging her about trying to stay a bit more organized. If and when she goes to college, her roommates are not going to appreciate a bathtub full of hair and dishes with food caked on them.

Maybe moving away will have a positive effect. I certainly hope so.