A Brief Post About My Part of a (Secret) Party and Office Help

I attended the much hoo-ha’ed meeting of the internet minds, but only for the day. I would have stayed longer to enjoy all the wonderment that is drunken karaoke, but I had to leave to go back to work TODAY, Sunday. That is because the last girl I hired, nicknamed “ElastiGirl” because that’s exactly who she looked like, flew the coop from the salt mines after only a couple of weeks. She didn’t give a notice and didn’t say goodbye.

Because of ElastiGirl’s hasty absence during the busiest friggin’ time of the year, I have had to place yet another Craigslist ad for office help. After only being gone a mere 10 hours, I opened my inbox to find 150 resumes waiting for me. It’s a rough economy as witnessed by the sheer number of responses this time. This is for a position where I had prominently featured the words “Part Time,” “Evenings” and “Perfect for High School Student” in the title.

After much consternation, I whittled the list down to ten people I might want to meet face to face. (If this is any indication of internet dating, I think I shall remain a lonely old crone should something unexpected happen to Mr. Demonic, otherwise known as the ex-Very Cute Boy.)

With a list of interviews scheduled for tomorrow, I could finally settle in to taking the photos off my camera.

People know I do NOT use my real name here, even though others know my real name and now know my real person. So, in the interest of anonymity, I am keeping some of the identities of the other party-goers incognito.

Here are the photos that I could share:

Nice toes. They belong to me. Nice butt. It belongs to our hostess’ dog.

These belong to a certain pale skinned beauty with lovely red hair. Her pedicure is impeccable.

Now, I can’t mention who these belong to. That’s because the subject is a minor, and I don’t think I have the parents’ written consent to splash her image across the internet. I tried to get a shot of the mother’s, but she kept hiding her feet under her bum. I don’t know why. Her shoes were lovely.

And here was our lovely hostess. (I have a secret for those who want to know. She was only moderately fluffy.)

Our hostess and her nice husband treated us all to lunch. It was delicious. I know this, because I ate everything on my plate, including the pickle. 99 times out of a hundred, I will not even touch the pickle. We then returned to her house, where 95% of us wanted to take a nap. The other 5% was her husband, who appears to be a human dynamo with excellent taste in music. (Amazing Rhythm Aces? I thought I was the only person who bought that album!? I even dug my copy out of the basement when I returned home.)

There was the promise of drunken karaoke last night, but I had to go home to T-H-I-S. Damn, damn, damn. Once home, I found my daughter stricken by a cold. She was limp and pale, and even Red Bull couldn’t revive her. That’s going to be some vacation she’ll have this week. I guess it figures that you would get sick on the first day of vacation.

Anyway, I wish I could have stayed at the party longer. 😦

Thanks, Mimi, for a very nice time!