Now THIS is Rain!

In case anyone forgot what it’s like:


Sorry, I can’t get it to embed.

Trading Shades of Gray

I’ve long complained about snow and winter. Let’s face it, I’m not a winter-person. Winter makes me sleepy, cranky and mean. I don’t need a sunshine brilliant enough to tan, but I do need some sunshine, which we don’t get enough of where I am situated. I’m also positively influenced by lots of green vegetation and plenty of flowers.

Last week, the area has been treated to warmer weather. Things aren’t quite perfect yet, though. There was about a foot of snow that had to be melted, and while the temperatures were warmer, they weren’t anywhere near summertime highs. At 40 degrees, it has taken a week to melt what was left.

Today it’s raining, steadily.

I’m liking it better than snow. Had it been snowing, we’d probably have another foot of it piled up.

I think we’ve traded shades of gray.

Not Exactly Luminescent Today

It’s raining. Gloomy. Cold. Wet. Gray. It’s close to freezing, so if the weather goes south, we could be in big trouble.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least that people who live in northern climates often look pale and pasty. If the sky offers pale and pasty, that’s what will happen to the inhabitants. We used to do science projects like that in elementary school. A bean seed with lots of sun will grow bigger and stronger than a bean seed grown in a closet.

I’m a sun person. Just like a cat. Today there is no sun, so I’m finding my warmth by space heater and blanket. That’s rather sad.

Sorry, folks. I’m not exactly luminescent today.

Snow Golf and Speaking of Tiger

MIB made a comment on one of my posts regarding playing golf in the snow. By what I wrote, he thought that my husband was going to play golf in the snow. In fact, my husband was only going watch golf on TV. Then MIB made the comment that watching golf was rather boring.

That, I cannot disagree with. I despise watching golf on TV. Actually, I despise watching any sports on TV. It’s more fun to play than it is to watch, even if you’re a horrible athlete like me. The main reason I despise TV golf is that the networks tend to concentrate on the leaders, who are all superstars who never make mistakes and always golf like God. They never show the guy who just barely made it into the tournament, unless that guy is Tiger Woods. My husband has had a Tiger fascination ever since the guy started playing professionally. (His number two guy is Phil Mickelson. I can’t stand that guy. He chokes.) We’ve been to tournaments where they’ve played, and “chased the Tiger.” That feat in itself is something of an Olympic event. You have to position yourself somewhere where you won’t be trampled by the thousands of other fans, and yet get a good glimpse of him. Usually, this is done by going about 300 yards from the tee box and hoping that Tiger’s ball will bounce in front of you. Then as soon as he makes his second shot, you run up to the middle of the next fairway and mark off your territory before he gets there.

I like Tiger, but for different reasons. I’ve always thought he was a terribly handsome man. I like that combination of Asian and African American, as it makes him look exotic. Tiger has very kind eyes, and a body shape that I enjoy, long, lanky, and thin. Both my husband and my son are built like Tiger, only a bit less muscular, which is probably why both are better than decent golfers. Yes, I wouldn’t mind a Tiger in bed with me, but only as comfort and heat.

Now to golfing in the snow: I was thinking that there are really people who DO golf in the snow. They use light pink balls that won’t sink in the snow. These people are crazy. I won’t golf unless the temperature is moderate and it definitely can’t be raining, much less snowing. If there is a beverage cart that serves bloody Marys and snacks, all the better. My husband has golfed in rainstorms and thundershowers. I’m surprised he hasn’t been hit by lightning yet.

One Easter, we were on vacation up north and my husband and son decided to go golfing. It was about 45 degrees; too cold for me. I dropped them off, and my daughter and I decided to go shopping. The temperature at the mall was more my style. Anyway, within the three hours they were out, the skies grew gray and the temperature fell. They continued to golf. Finally, it started snowing a bit. By the time they were on the 18th hole,  a light blanket of snow covered everything and as they went to putt, the balls picked the snow up. By the time the balls reached the cup, they were about the size of softballs. Both of them got a tremendous kick out of the fact that their balls couldn’t even fit into the hole.

They never did golf in the snow again, but it made for a good story while drinking hot chocolate.