The New Food Addiction: Molten Lava Cakes

Leave it to Sam’s Club to come up with tasty desserts.

The big box warehouse club is famous for such yummies as angel food cake, quart boxes of strawberries, damned good carrot cake, baklava (during the fall) and other fattening wonders has come up with a new dessert.

Molten Lava Cakes.

Four come to a box, and each is big enough to split. There are two chocolate and two apple/caramel. Forty-five seconds in the microwave, a dollop of ice cream, and folks, it’s as close to heaven as a person can get on earth. Imagine chocolaty goodness with a warm center.

The advent of molten lava cakes is laying waste my plans on slimming down. I wasn’t hoping for swimsuit material, but I at least wanted to fit into my skinny clothes. Right now, I’m in my fat clothes and two and a half pounds away from having to buy a new wardrobe.

I wish I had more willpower, but sadly I must admit to having less than none. In my line of work, and because it’s a mile away, I’m at my local Sam’s Club at least three days a week. That’s because for less than $5 one can buy a rotisserie chicken that makes a meal for a couple of days. The croissants are to die for, and sample weekend is enough so that I don’t have to make lunch on Saturdays.

Since the molten lava cakes are a seasonal item, I can only pray for the season to come to a close.


The Best WordPress Post

No, it’s not one of mine. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not that full of myself.

No, I would have to say the Best WordPress Post Award should go to MimiSuzy’s Tour of Sam’s Club.

In fact, I’m thinking MimiSuzy should post this wonderful tribute on Associated Content and get some big bucks.

This is the kind of post that grabs your attention. There are plenty of photographs of a spotlessly clean and brilliantly lit store. There’s helpful text that accompanies each photograph.

Perhaps I am prejudiced, because my own local Sam’s Club is my absolute favorite spot for brick and mortar shopping. For every place else, I turn on my computer.

Where else can you get a smorgasbord of tasty delights – for free? Of course, you have to time your visit so that you can maximize all of the samples on the big sample days, like Saturday and Sunday. It can be done. I’ve seen entire families take advantage of the wonders of frozen food.

Where else can you buy books for $3.81? A $3.81 book is a bargain! Who cares if it’s a tawdry romance novel? These are the types of books one needs on long trans-continental flights.

Where else can you get a huge whole rotisserie chicken for less than $5? They are not only a thrifty purchase, good for you but also delightfully yummy.

Where else can you buy a cashmere sweater for $19? I wore mine until they were threadbare. Or how about a broomstick skirt for $5? Again, I wore mine for years, until they went out of style.

The secret to Sam’s Club is in the pricing. Anything ending in “.81” is a clearance item. Things can be regularly priced one day, and on sale the next. Clearance items can pop up like mushrooms after a hard rain. One day last month, I happened to stop by for a coffee maker to replace one my husband destroyed, and found they were selling jumbo jars of cocktail sauce for .52 cents. We use a lot of cocktail sauce, and even if we didn’t, fifty-two cents is less than a cup of coffee.

Sam’s Club. It’s a glittery palace of consumption. Check it out!