Ms. MiniDemonic Smitten By Southern California, Not So For Mama

A Brief Update

It didn’t take long for Ms. MiniDemonic to become smitten with southern California, or SoCal as the trendy say. It could have been the minute we walked off the plane in LA and stepped out into a clear and flawlessly warm night. or it could have been when we got out of the car the following day at The College of Her Choice and instantly got a snootful of jasmine and verbena and a full view of the Pacific Ocean.

In the ensuing days, full of sunshine and blue sky, sand, palm trees and somewhat conspicuous consumption, Ms. Mini D has proclaimed her fascination with the far westerly state has moved from puppy love to full-blown obsession.

I like it here too, but I prefer the city by the bay, San Francisco. For one thing, it’s not as hot there. I like sun, but heat is another thing altogether. I love how downtown San Francisco smells like flowers, but the aroma is a hint of fragrance, not an assault on the nasal cavities. O’Reilly was right. San Francisco, with it’s diverse cultures and people, is more like another country rather than another city in the same state. The worst thing: it appears to be more crowded down here. The appearance could be because it IS indeed more crowded down here, or it could be becauce the freeway system is massive and never ending. The nice thing about San Francisco is that all of the action and most of the people are kept together  in a small space for the sheer lack of anywhere to go. If you jam almost a million people on a peninsula that is about seven miles square, there can be no massive freeway system.

It doesn’t matter to Ms. Mini D. Just as I and her older brother feel an affinity for the City, I can see that her true love is SoCal. I’ve enjoyed watching her as she falls deeper and deeper under the spell. It’s an emotion that’s happened to me. The enchantment she feels, while not tempered with any amount of common sense, is a good thing. It just might be her first real love.

Of course, now it’s time to bring out the common sense from the bag of tricks, or else that tall, thin guy back at home is going to think we are both crazy. An eighteen-year-old basing a life-long move on true love with a geographical location is not going to win over Mr. Demonic. She will have to arm herself with budgets and sensible arguments if she’s going to win this debate and begin her move in August.

We are working on that.