Tied Together Forever By Subway’s BMT

Today, MIB (my internet boyfriend) sent me a short email on the things he was doing today. It was quite newsy and very fun. I like reading about his day, although he probably thinks relating his comings and goings as pretty mundane and ordinary.

MIB told me that he went out to lunch with another lady friend of his. They went to Subway, and had a very nice discussion while enjoying their sandwiches.

I wrote back to comment on some of his email. One thing I really wanted to know was what kind of Subway sandwich he chose. I don’t know why that was important. I personally love Subway, but I usually get the same thing every time, even though there are many delightful combinations there. I always get the BMT on wheat bread, just because it’s a combination of tastes that I really love. (Also, I get lots of veggies on it, because they’ve usually got the crunchiest veggies around.)

I was somewhat surprised when he wrote back to tell me that was exactly the sandwich he had! I mean, I had hoped we shared the same sandwich tastes. We seem to share the same opinions on many things.

Now I feel like we are almost as one. Well, as one as a person can be from over 2,000 miles away.

I’ll forever look at the BMT with renewed love and devotion. Ah….