I’m Going to a Town Hall Meeting

Politically, I am an independent. Some people from another life know me as an independent with “elitist” leanings. (That sentence is a hint for the semi-clueless.) I’m also a bit of a cynic. I tend to not believe what people have to say, and instead look back at an entire record of performance. I’m among those who will judge a person by what I can make of their ethics as well. If a candidate treats a person in a certain way, why would he/she not treat me that way if given a chance? In addition, I have a strong dislike for the media, and am wary of everything posted on the internet.

I also have a rather laissez-faire attitude when it comes to politics. Taking a political science class in college taught me that politics is an ebb and  flow situation. No one these days in into the real guts of politics, its policies and trends. To me, the presidential race pretty much boils down to a beauty contest of sorts, and every candidate is packaged to appeal to a certain segment of society. It’s often been referred to as a “machine” and for good reason.

It’s too early in the race for me to choose one over the other. On any given day, I will like one, just to discard that person the next day for someone else. Remember, I’m an independent.

So, why am I going to a town hall meeting?

One reason, I was invited.

Because I wrote several scathing editorial pieces last summer regarding the state of our state, and sent them to every person in our legislative branch, as well as to all the local newspapers and news outlets, I have been put on the mailing list of most of these people, whether I’m among their constituency or not. One of the legislators invited me.

I’ve never been before, but I think I will go, just to see what it’s all about. I’ll analyze it with a reporter’s eye and comment on it later.