The Return of Pandemonic

I can hardly believe it has been three years since I posted as Pandemonic. However, lest you think I have been lazy, incarcerated, or perhaps both, my real life person has been busy writing novels. Also busy working in the Real Life business, but that’s boring.

So far, I have completed three novels, self-published one, and am in the process of editing the other two. Also working on finishing a fourth. So I have been very busy. I’ve also been blogging in my real name.

So why would I come back to the Pandemonic blog?

In a word, anonymity. I love that while here, I am a nameless, faceless pandemonic person. My other blog features my real name. There I feel as though I can’t quite cut loose as myself. You always have to worry about stepping on someone’s toes. If you can say one thing about the modern man, most of us are too sensitive to take a joke, and too closed minded to look at things from varying perspectives.

This is why Pandemonic’s Time and Space was started: as a way to vent and bitch and moan and be politically incorrect without suffering the slings of Internet trolls. Been there, done that, and I can tell you, it’s no fun.

I nearly forgot the password and the email address I had used to launch this area of WordPress. But…obviously not. Perhaps I am not getting as old as I thought I was.

Anywhooo…I will be changing around the look of the blog. I feel a bigger need for anonymity.

Admonished to Quit My Boring Job

I just opened my Gmail account (something I might do once in a blue moon). I only have it for this blog, as I have other accounts as myself, the real person behind Pandemonic.

Gmail is great, because it normally stops SPAM cold. I spend most of my day with my real email just deleting junk. Gmail was so good, that I had not received any letters from Nigerian businessmen begging for checks and, especially nice, no come-ons to make my penis bigger. Thank goodness for the latter, because I don’t have a penis and if I did, I would be trying to hide it, not make it bigger.

I was happy and spamless. Until today.

A glaring email that stuck out amid all of my WordPress notifications said “Quit Your Boring Job! Work for Google!”

I’d love to quit my boring job (actually, it’s not boring, anything but, but I’ve had a snoot full over the last ten years or so), but I don’t think that Google is going to save me.

If it were that easy, I would have sent them a resume years ago.

I Changed My Design…

I’m not sure I like it, but it was the only way I could look at my blog roll.

I needed a design where I could customize the header. I find it very calming to look at that neighborhood in San Francisco just adjacent to the beach. However, I also needed to know where my peeps are. That’s important, too.

The good thing about not hanging around WordPress is that I practiced the violin for about three hours this weekend. That’s about an hour and a half more than usual, and my fingertips are feeling the burn. I also picked up the novel again, which I should have never put down. There’s a burn there too. Then I went outside and picked up sticks and checked out my garden to see what had died over the winter. Doing that gave me an urge to start planting things into the ground.

I’m sick, or I would expound more on the dangers of relying on the Internet as your sole means of entertainment. I think I’ll just crawl back into bed now.