Back to Business, Yet Again

It’s Wednesday night, and it only took me three days to get caught up from my week off. I believe this was done in record time.

The pile of stuff on my desk at work was manageable. It was the home-stuff that I needed help with desperately. For some reason, my Dear Mr. Demonic found a way to get around doing the laundry. This could be because he has enough underwear to tide him over for a month. I was also welcomed home by a refrigerator full of nothing. All of the mail sat on the island counter top waiting for tending.

Mr. Demonic has come a long way since I married him twenty-one and a half years ago. When I was in the hospital giving birth to my oldest, he managed to somehow break the washing machine. I believe he thought the selector knob required far more muscle than needed. That was an expensive five days away.

Luckily, no major catastrophes occurred while I was away on this trip. For one thing, my lovebird survived. My lovebird is extremely tough anyway. She thinks she’s human, and stomps around the house instead of flying. She has beaten up on three cats in the past six years. My being away hasn’t been so rosy for other animals in the house. There was the one time I went to Colorado for a weekend for my 20th high school reunion. Mr. Demonic stayed home with the baby D’s while I went away. When I returned home, I thought the house was curiously quiet. We had a parakeet named Petey then, and he used to make a lot of noise. When I looked into Petey’s cage, he was hanging upside down from his perch. And no, he wasn’t playing, he was dead. Mr. D had forgotten to feed and water Petey.

I suppose since the animals were still breathing and the house hadn’t burned down, I should consider myself among the fortunate.

It’s so very different when Mr. D goes out of town. With him away, I manage to get a lot more done. One time I painted a bathroom sea foam green, and decorated it with shells we had gathered from previous shoreline trips. Last year, I took his prized wine prints in (which had been gathering dust for two years) and had them matted and framed. Another time, I purchased an unfinished piece of furniture and had the cabinet stained and positioned in the kitchen before he returned.

Hmm… If it warms up, I will have to start yard work, which was preempted by an early winter. The tomato plants are still frozen in their cages, and they need to be removed. My 80-year-old lilac bush fell over from an ice storm, and I could saw it down. I could plant seeds inside, since it’s too cold yet to plant them outside.

I think I’ll be back to business this weekend.

Why I Don’t Bring My Violin To Work

I was asked by a co-worker today why I don’t bring my violin to work.

There are several good reasons. To begin with, it’s very cold outside, and my violin is a newer one. The slightest change in temperature causes the strings to go out of tune. This used to be a major problem, until I bought myself a digital tuner. Now I am much better at tuning my instrument, although not much better.

Another reason is that I’m not very good yet. I don’t want to subject the masses to my terrible playing. I sound much better when someone accompanies me, but I don’t have much of an occasion for that to happen. My husband won’t. Ditto for my daughter.

I think I need to find some new people to play with!

Anyway, a violin is not a good thing to bring to the work place. I can see a possible worker’s compensation claim if I ever decided to play here.